MOBILE Dog & CAT Groomers

in Salt Lake City, Utah

We Call It Puppy Luv is a mobile dog and cat grooming service that offers unparalleled, one-on-one attention to your pet.  We come to you and we treat each dog and cat with love (luv) and care.

We Call it Puppy Luv is a family owned and operated business in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Inspired by our love for animals, we bought a shuttle bus and had it outfitted for dog and cat grooming. We're traveling around Salt Lake City, keeping your pets clean! We will come to you! 

Your purchase of a service lets another under-served pet owner get a bath for their pup! Every week we give out free dog washes to under-served members of our community. Each service you purchase means another dog is getting our love and attention. Schedule a basic shampoo and brushing, ear cleaning, trims and more.  We take good care of your best friend and we'll travel to you!    See our Facebook page Twitter and Instagram to find out who we're helping in our community.


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We're on the move in Salt Lake City, UT  Follow us on Instagram @wecallitpupluv or on Facebook to find out who is getting free washes this week.



Monday- Saturday (closed Tuesdays)

9 am- 5 pm

When you book with us your pet is getting gentle, ONE ON ONE attention.  We give 100% of our attention to your pet and we travel to you.  We're saving you time, gas and giving your dog, AMAZING CARE.  We use all gentle, biodegradable shampoos and conditioners and treat your puppy with LUV!  Each LUV service you purchase gives a dog owner in a underserved community an opportunity to get a free shampoo during our free wash Sundays. 


We Call It Puppy Luv: Mobile Grooming (Spa) Services


Note:  If a customer has 2 sm/med size dogs at one mobile location, and they want a Doggy Style Wash, the total price for both dogs (or cats) would be 1 (one) hourly rate).  What a deal! We do charge per hour but most cuts can be done in that time. Schedule online and let us know your needs in your booking notes and we'll make the most of your time and money. 




We charge on a per hour basis, with no hidden fees.  So whether your dog or cat needs to be de-matted, trimmed or given a special skin treatment, it's included in the hourly rate.   You don't have to go anywhere! Not only does our service save you time but it saves you money! 

 Each appointment is a minimum of 1 (0ne) hour. The hourly fee for the convenience of mobility and its provisions include: one on one gentle "dog (and cat) whisperer" treatment,  bringing the salon and stylist directly to you, travel time for the groomer, personalized and pampered grooming to meet your pet's specific needs, quick service.  (average time/small dog is 1 hr) 

(If you're a first time client, please see our waiver form)