We have over seventy, 5 star reviews on Google Business because we take great care in grooming your cat or dog! Check out some of the Reviews for We Call it Puppy Luv’s Amazing Grooming!


“I can’t say enough good about We Call It Puppy Luv. After a truly botched job by a local Sugarhouse grooming shop, I called desperate for help. And though she was done for the day, said I could come right over and she would see what she could do. She cleaned up the mess and wasn’t even going to charge me. We Call It Puppy Luv gained a new customer for life! Clearly skilled and clearly loves dogs. She listened and did a wonderful job.”

“We decided to give our 15 yes old cat a lion's cut to alleviate her vomiting from hairballs. They came to our home and let us be in the van with her which we needed because she doesn't like strangers and it was a little traumatic for her. They did a great job! We will definitely use them again.”

“So, so impressed with Sherri and her company! I don’t live in SLC area but she accommodates and meets me anywhere I need to run an errand. I have a very shy and timid Golden and have never had a problem. They’re so kind and patient with her! In and out within an hour each time- that’s the best part.”

“We have a Newfoundland who is not fond of being groomed. We Call It Puppy Love did a wonderful job handle our big boy! He looked amazing after his bath and hair cut and they took the time to make him feel comfortable! Would recommend their services to anyone needing a groomer!”

This service is just all around amazing! I booked an appointment for one dog, she came to my house and saw that I have two dogs and offered to groom and bath both! And she’s so nice! Recommending to all of my friends with dogs!

“I have a nearly 14 year old Springer Spaniel. She has always been a very nervous, high strung dog. I have taken her to groomers her whole life. Now she is old she has difficutly standing and staying standing and her general nervousness has increased. The last time I took her to an instore groomer, they told me not to bring her back. She was too much to handle. They were afraid she would get hurt due to not staying on the table. Now she is loosing control of her bowels and with her long fur it has been a nightmare to stay ahead of and keep her clean. Out of desperation I contacted We Call It Puppy Love. I verified that they would have two people who could help get her taken care of and fully apprised them of the situation. They said, "not a problem." They showed up on time, whisked her away and in a little over an hour returned her to me looking absolutely fabulous. I feel like they alone have lengthened her life. I was at wits end about how to manage her and have been considering putting her down. Those of us who view our fur babies as family can imagine how upsetting that choice would be to make. I couldn't risk taking her to another instore groomer. Now with her shortened hair, cleanup will be easy and we can carry on. I am so grateful. They are in fact miracle workers. I'm so appreciative of the service they offer and so appreciative of their wonderful care of my very elderly puppy!!! Next time I will have them groom both of my Springers. You won't go wrong by choosing them. And to boot they are lovely people!!”

“I have a chocolate lab who is hard to bathe at home, and I hated taking her in and leaving her at the groomer for hours. Having Puppy Luv come to our home is the best thing! I have only good things to say about the quality and the service. I use them on a regularly scheduled basis.”